Program Efficacy

We have been engaged in ongoing, community-based, collaborative, cross-site research on the efficacy of Caring Dads. To date we have established that:

  •  Caring Dads is meeting a significant need within and across communities, as shown by referral patterns and numbers and by requests for the program from other communities.
  •  Caring Dads is liked by fathers, their families, group counselors, professionals who refer men to the program.
  •  There is a match between the theory and intervention strategies behind Caring Dads and the characteristics of fathers referred to the program.
  •  Evaluation of change from pre- to post-treatment of approximately 100 clients completing the program finds evidence for statistically and clinically significant change in risk mechanisms for maltreatment, specifically in fathers’ over-reactivity to children’s misbehavior, ability to co-parent with children’s mothers, and their ability to prioritize their children’s needs.
For more information, refer to our Articles and Publications.