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nerve stretching in the neighborhood of the ulcer : a. internal sajdienous ; b, external popliteal ; c. e.x- ternal sa]>lienous. The technic followed in exiKising these nerves is the same as that suggested bv Chi- ]>ault (3). At Leiby Prescription Levitra Mobi lime? teasing the sciatic nerve into separate fibres must be nerformed. always selecting the classic spot at the lower border of the gluteus maximus. Attention must also b'" directed lowarrj thi' vari- cose veins ; for routine treatment of the average case. Unna's zinc oxide gelatine paste stocking serves as an admirable and efficient support. When the ulcer is cured the Randolph bandage or silk elastic stock- ing will be found useful. In suitable cases o|H.>ration may be jierfoniied. fhc most radical method is that of Madclung — total open ;;^l■i^ion of the long saph- enous vein. This operation is founded on sound principles and gives as much as can be attained by an> methofi of Leiby Prescription Levitra Mobi extirjiation, cure resulting in eighty per cent, of the cases treated by .Madelung's methcKl. The varicose [x-rforating vessels may lie dealt with by Ix^ing iiicked up and tied one by one. after the method of Xovaro. After all. any method of treating leg ulcers is efficient which pays due regard to the fundamental jiathological etiology of the lesion. I emphasized this jioiiit in a previous paper (4) and Smits must have felt very much the same aliout the matter, for he savs (2) : "The extensive, nearly endless, litera- ture on chronic ulcers of the leg. the Leiby Prescription Levitra Mobi laudatory com- mendations of continually reiieweil remedies, prove beyond dcr. 1910. p r88. -• SMITS: .-!• 1916. p. 576 j. CHI- PAll.T: TroiU it t<-mt. 4. P. G. SKII.- I.F.KV. .IK.: .-JnHoii 016. p. 181. II S<'iTH Tiiuri.t.Mii Stkixt. 1 122 GOODMAN: SOLUTIONS OP SALVARSAN AND ARSENOBENZOL. [New ' Medical Jo PREPARATION OF SOLUTIONS OF SAL- VARSAN AND ARSENOBENZOL FOR INTRAVENOUS USE. By Herman Goodman, M. D., B. S., New York, House Physician, New York Skin and Cancer Hospital; First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps, U. S. Army. The need for a more widely spread knowledge of the technic for easily preparing solutions of Scham- berg's arsenobenzol for intravenous use in con-' sidered sufficient reason for this communication. At this time, because of the advent of a more easily soluble product bearing the old German name, it is especially desirable to vote Leiby Prescription Levitra Mobi down the lie that the Philadelphia product is very difficult to get into so- lution. Clinical experience has taught that arseno- benzol of Schamberg is as efficient as the original drug, with the added advantage of being practically nontoxic. It certainly would be a decided loss if the practitioner, awed by the much overrated diffi- culties of getting arsenobenzol into solution, should cease to use the drug. The preparation of salvarsan or its equivalents begins with the cleansing of the glassware. The necessary cylinders, gravity tubes, and funnels are washed twice with soap solution, using a long han- dled brush. They are then rinsed in running tap water, and again in distilled. After drying, the glassware is baked in a sterilizer at i6o degrees cent- igrade for thirty minutes. There is no doubt that this procedure, oft repeated, is wearing on the glass- ware, but cleanliness above all things in intravenous work is essential. Wet sterilization is less desir- able. Distilled water should be used to boil the glassware, otherwise a film of deposited salts and dirt is evident. The mixing cylinders should be drained as dry as possible before use. Rubber tub- ing, if new, should be boiled several times with at least three changes Leiby Prescription Levitra Mobi of water to remove the powder both within and without. Tubing once used should be rinsed thoroughly before boiling. The water used for Leiby Prescription Levitra Mobi salvarsan solutions is freshly distilled, and not more than six hours old. Al- though the modern stills deliver sterile water, we boil all water for seven minutes. The sodium hydroxide is a fifteen per cent, solu- tion prepared with freshly distilled water, and so- dium hydroxide sticks that are free from the sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate which forms if the sticks are exposed to air. We have kept sodium hydroxide solutions in closed bottles and have never failed after a few days to find a granular Leiby Prescription Levitra Mobi or amor- phous type of precipitate. At one time, we thought that this meant a fungus growth, but culture on Sabouraud's medium was negative. Microscopic ex- amination disclosed no spores, nor anv crystaline forms that could be recognized. The suggestion tliat the precipitate was the result of the basic action of the solution on the surface of the glass contain- ers has not appealed to us because the bottles never became cloudy. Freshly prepared solutions free us from any deep concern, and we have Leiby Prescription Levitra Mobi seen solutions with a heavy precipitate in the bottom of the con- tainer used with no ill efTect. The salvarsan ampoules are taken from their wrappers and put into a dish of alcohol. Airtight Leiby Prescription Levitra Mobi tubes float, but tubes that are defective and have admitted air, sink, or the alcohol reaches the insidt of the tube and moistens the powder. Leiby Prescription Levitra Mobi No tube tha! does not float is used. The tubes are Leiby Prescription Levitra Mobi dried with