Pilot Implementation of the Caring Dads Program for Abusive and At-Risk Fathers

Katreena L. Scott

Prepared for: The Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children (London, Ontario, Canada)

This Final Report describes the first two Caring Dads pilot groups.


In the current report, a description of the first two Caring Dads pilot groups is provided. Information is presented on the characteristics of clients and on their attitudes and behavior before and after intervention. Focus is placed on evaluating the appropriateness of measures and on identifying challenges in serving this population. In particular, self-reported attitudes and risk are contrasted with information from referral sources on men's official status in justice and child protection services and with judgments made by trained clinicians on the severity of fathers' abusive and neglectful and healthy parenting behaviours and attitudes. Overall effectiveness of the Caring Dads program was not addressed.