C2C Private Site

Private Site Due to the success of the program, Caring Dads is now offered in multiple locations in Canada, the US, the UK, and mainland Europe. As a Caring Dads facilitator, you are now part of this international network of clinicians. We have therefore developed an online platform for you to communicate and share your experiences with other Caring Dads clinicians. It is also a centralized site where you can access resources directly from the program's developers.

Specifically, the private site is a secure online forum where clinicians can:
- Get the latest news and announcements from the Caring Dads team
- Have conversations with other clinicians about challenging clinical issues
- Access resources, such as handouts, videos, intake forms, recruitment materials, and sample reports
- Have the opportunity to share resources that they have found helpful in delivering the program.

If you have completed the Caring Dads training, you are eligible to access the site.

Please click HERE to go to the private site; if you have not already registered, you will be asked to so.

Please note: Once you have registered, you will NOT be able to access the site immediately. You will need to wait for an administrator to approve your access, which may take several days. This is done to ensure the security of the site. We thank you for your patience.

Please forward any questions about the private site to caringdadsprogram@gmail.com.