Bringing the Caring Dads program to communities around the globe"

Changing Ways, the lead clinical site for Caring Dads, offers training and consultation on implementing the Caring Dads program to agencies with experience in anti-violence work. We encourage joint applications from child protection agencies, woman's advocacy groups and PAR/BIP programs.

Both Program and Advanced training are co-facilitated and generally run on 2 or 3 consecutive days. Training can be structured to meet a wide range of organizational needs. Please contact us directly for more information. Provide information about your agency, community partnerships and familiarity with the Caring Dads program.

Program Training

Program Training is generally offered twice a year, in April and September.  Participants are introduced to the principles and values that guide the Caring Dads program. We then move into interactive training on the program material. Role plays are used to demonstrate key exercises and participants have the chance to acquire and practice skills in leading group exercise.

Program Training is appropriate for any professionals interested in working with fathers who have who have physically abused, emotionally abused or neglected their children or exposed their children to domestic violence or who are deemed to be at high-risk for these behaviors. Attendees commonly include batterer intervention program group leaders, child protection workers, counselors working within child and family mental health services, victim advocates, probation officers and their supervisors and managers. Other attendees include psychologists, violence prevention educators, substance abuse counselors, healthcare workers, police officers, native leaders, clergy and military personnel.

Advanced Training

Advanced training is designed for Caring Dads facilitators who have led at least three group cycles. Supervisors and managers of sites where facilitators are receiving advanced training are also eligible to attend. Advanced training brings together experienced group leaders for in-depth discussion of challenging group issues.

Advanced training is limited to 10 people.